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Organizations Celebrated at 15th Annual Maine Nonprofit Day in Augusta - January 16th
MIRC participated in Maine Association of Non Profits event at the State House. Here’s a link to the Facebook photo album.  Here’s the television clip again.

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Supporting Immigrant Tenants (SIT) Loan Program A Program of Community Financial Literacy (CFL) 
Supporting Immigrant Tenants has created a no- interest revolving- loan fund from which immigrants can borrow money to pay for a security deposit for renting an apartment in the Greater Portland area. By partnering with Affinity Credit Union the program aims to develop financial literacy among renter and build credit experience. By requiring education on landlord tenant issues the likelihood of the tenant receiving back the deposit at the end of the rental is increased.

November 2, 2017

Maine Immigrants' Rights Coalition issues statement in response to terrorist attack in New York City

PORTLAND, MAINE--In response to the attack by a terrorist in New York City on Tuesday, October 31, 2017, Mufalo Chitam, executive director of the Maine Immigrants' Rights Coalition (MIRC) issues the following statement:  

“On behalf of the members of the Maine Immigrants' Rights Coalition, I extend my sincere condolences to everyone affected by the terrorist attack on Tuesday in New York City, especially the families of the deceased. We wish the injured a quick recovery.  

We applaud the members of law enforcement who helped to end the attack. During times such as these, we remind our elected leaders to resist politicizing the moment and let our justice system do its job in what happens next to the person who committed this terrible act. 

While this individual was an immigrant, he does not represent the immigrant community. We should not blame all immigrants or all Muslim immigrants for this one person's actions. Immigration policy is complicated and should not be wrapped up in the choices of one individual. We urge lawmakers to be thoughtful in how they respond to this attack. In particular, we urge lawmakers to look at the Diversity Visa Lottery program as a whole when determining its fate -  not just condemn it because of this one individual.

Immigrants from many countries, ethnicities, religions make up the vibrant fabric of the United States. MIRC continues to advocate for a robust immigration system and a welcoming atmosphere for immigrants who make our country - and especially Maine - their home."